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Harvestore® is the champion of feed quality. Research proves that Harvestore systems reliably provide the highest quality haylage, high-moisture grains and limited dry matter loss.

Harvestore® 8900H Unloader

For High Moisture Grains

The Harvestore 8900H bottom unloader provides Harvestore owners with a very reliable, low maintenance, high value unloader to accompany Harvestore's high moisture grain storage units.

Proven in the field, the 8900H unloader's rugged construction offers long service life. The unit works well for any whole kernel, high moisture grain including corn, milo, and barley, or as a low cost replacement unloader for existing units. The 8900 also comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty and the service support made availabe from Foxland Incorporated.

  • Tougher Construction Means a Bottom Unloader built to Work and Last
  • Superior Engineering for Increased Operating Efficiency
  • Long-Lasting and Heavy-Duty
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Crop Flexibility for Increased Usefulness and Versatility


What Is The Harvestore FeedScan precisionFEEDING System?

Dairy and beef producers have long envisioned a way to monitor dry matter and nutrient content of their feed. Now, that vision has become a reality with the Harvestore FeedScan precisionFEEDING System. The Harvestore FeedScan precisionFEEDING System allows producers to automatically adjust rations for dry matter variations in real time to match nutritionist recommendations while making each TMR batch.

Forage Nutrient Quality Can Vary Widely

Taking forage samples and sending them to a laboratory for NIR nutrient analysis takes days. The Harvestore FeedScan precisionFEEDING System brings NIR technology to the farm with an analysis of every batch of feed conveyed to the TMR mixer. Producers now have instant on-farm moisture and feed analysis, and feeding system software that automatically adjust the as-is weight to be loaded into the mixer to meet dry matter targets for each batch.

In a Harvestore, moisture content can vary 10 percent of more during the filling period due to weather and field conditions. The NIR Analyzer will find this variance in dry matter when unloading and make the adjustments.

Forage Variability Can Make Feeding Pure Guesswork

Every day, dairy producers across North America lose thousands of dollars through inefficient feeding because of the time lag between testing moisture and laboratory nutrient analysis and actual ration mixing - an average default measurement for nutritionist rations - but they will not reflect the higher or lower actual moisture content and nutrient value of the feed fed days or weeks later.

At best, nutrient value of feedstuffs is generally within a range, but is not precise. Ingredient moisture varies as it's loaded into storage, components may be inaccurately weighed and dry matter and nutrients may be only a general guess based on old information.

As a result, nutritionists are required to recommend overfeeding essential nutrients to provide a safety margin to account for an anticipated variability in feedstuffs –they want to assure their ration recommendations meet the herd's minimal nutritional needs. If the nutritionist know dry matter targets will be accurate, they can fine-tune rations to reduce feed cost, and not risk production drops.

Oftentimes, sending a forage sample into a laboratory for analysis is done only after the fat test or milk production has dropped, providing a retrospective analysis of why.

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