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Gary Breitlow

Gary Breitlow, Algoma, Wis., milks 75 cows and is conscious about protecting the land and reducing odors. “Our farm is by a lake, so we have to be extra cautious about when and where and how we haul manure. Since we built a Slurrystore two years ago and increased our storage capacity, we no longer haul manure in the winter, on frozen ground.”

Breitlow says the best time for him to apply manure is in the fall once the corn crop is off. Buffer strips are utilized in areas close to the lake. All slurry is custom hauled and incorporated into the land. Breitlow informs neighbors when he will be hauling and works hard to maintain a clean operation.

The Breitlows erected a 95×19 Slurrystore in September 2004 utilizing EQIP funding. The structure has almost a 1-million gallon capacity for 11 to 12 months of storage.

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Gerald Meyer, Sr.

GerAnt Farms, LLC owners Gerald Meyer, Sr. & Sons have an easier and cleaner way to store manure. In an area where a conventional manure pit was not feasible, the Meyers have installed a new 95x 23 Slurrystore, holding 1.2 million gallons. If needed, the structure can be expanded to 1.7 million gallons safely.

“The reasoning to go with the Slurrystore vs. conventional pit came down to one big factor…COST. The cost to build a pit would have been astronomical in the area where we needed it. The pit would have needed to be lined with clay because of the soil and bedrock situation. The Slurrystore was built to handle the manure for our 400-head heifer facility. It is definitely a much cleaner-looking and better smelling pit,” says Gerald Meyer.